Phillips Air Frier Demonstration


The Big R gives a detailed look and demonstration of the Phillips Air Frier. TheBigR tells us just about everything you need to know about this space–ship like oven that uses hot air instead of fatty greases and oils to cook fried-like portions of your favorite foods. TheBigR seems to be able to take a little heat in the kitchen so join him in this very detailed demo as he cooks up 8 fillets of fish in a matter of minutes.

A11Y Devices Episode 44: Brian an Lulu Hartgen’s Leasey for JAWS


In podcast # 44, we speak with Brian Hartgen.

We talk about Leasey. This application works along with Jaws giving the user a nice interface environment to work in.

You can find  Brian’s products by visiting:

Go to the Leasey link. Once you click on it, you will be in Leasey central.

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A11Y Devices Podcast #43


Jeff Thompson and Pete lane introduce themselves. They kick off the show talking about their talents. Jeff’s wood working and Pete’s love of podcasting and  how he  works with blind people  showing them the basics of iOS.

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